Success Stories

We at ICARE fit the right strategy to address and ultimately apprehend the current chances of survival in cancer. This is our story.

Our patient received the shocking diagnosis of melanoma of the toe. With nothing left to do but undergo surgery of the tumor, his family contacted an ICARE representative. At once an I-Team was mobilized. This consisted of our patient, his family, his current physician, his support system. In addition, ICARE was able to provide a network of research scientists to focus on him alone.

How did we do this? Prior to undergoing surgery, our patient was informed by ICARE that his tumor could be used for his treatment. If he were to give consent to use his fresh tumor tissue, which would otherwise be discarded, at the instant it was removed to be put in a living tumor bank then we could look for treatment options specific to his tumor.

After surgery our patient went on to recommended standard treatment regimens by his oncologist. Meanwhile, the fresh tumor tissue was tested in a mouse colony that was transplantable. This resulted in giving scientists the ability to test multiple options on our patient’s tissue. Scientists from 5 different countries worked tirelessly on said tissue. Two of these options were drugs that although published but not yet popular had the right effect on our patient’s tumor tissue.

Once our patient’s physician’s treatment options were exhausted, his I-Team had a back up plan. Our patient was started under the care of his physician on the two drugs mentioned above and underwent remission.

This is our success story.

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