The I-Team Process

It should be noted that through this I-Team process, in less than two years more than 40 world-class scientists focused their expertise and lab work on the urgent therapy needs of individual cancer patients. As a result, over 30 new therapeutic approaches have been discovered and many of these are currently in the clinical pipeline.

Outline of the 10 Steps of the I-Team Process:

1. Assemble the initial I-Team Triangle composed of each patient, their doctor, and an ICARE scientist.

2. Expand the I-team to include international scientists, advocated, and physicians.

3. Create personalized living tissue models for biological analyses and personalized drug testing.

4. Freedom of pursuit funding.

5. Identify all Therapeutic options (both established and cutting-edge) currently available to the patient’s doctor.

6. Use novel mapping technologies to personalize and prioritize options.

7. Integrate the patien’s family, personal physician, and tumor tissues, into ICARE’s multi-national, personalized research program.

8. Create a communications network for the collaborations of I-Teams, patients, family members, and the international scientific community.

9. Create an action plan to accelerate the movement of new drug options into phase I/II clinical trials and match patients with existing trials.

10. Disseminate new I-Team information locally to patients and doctors through ICARE’s community and student bioinformatics outreach programs.

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