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We believe cancer can be beaten by forming a team around the patient. No one patient, doctor, scientist, or hospital can do this all alone. These teams are made up of networks around the world working together to think, invent, discover, and deliver global solutions to allow doctors to save patients locally.

Patient-Driven Investigative Teams (I-Teams)

An I-Team starts the right dialogue for treatments specific to the patient.

An Investigative Team (I-Team) is the triangulation of local doctors, patients, and research scientists. Upon formation, there are four objectives which is to (1) Identify, (2) Evaluate, (3) Personalize, and (4) Accelerate treatment options for the patient.

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Academic Network Supporting I-Teams

Radar example of a prostate I-Team searching standard-of-care, clinical, and emerging options for a patient.

With a cancer diagnosis, knowing all the therapeutic options may be essential for the best treatment decisions. Three categories of ICARE Option are:
1) Standard Of Care Options (Existing FDA approved drugs, diagnostics, and clinical trials; links to other valuable option resources, e.g., cancercommons.org)
2) Breakthrough News about emerging technology, drugs, and ideas
3) ICARE Programs which support you and your doctor to participate in ICARE’s international personalized clinical research collaborations ( e.g., biobanking and virtual communications network)

By watching the video below, presented at an international think tank, you will see how the ICARE I-Team process was applied to a single patient with melanoma.

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Narrowing down the selection of options by creating personalized living tissue models with a mouse colony.

Biobanking is used to create personalized living tissue models.  It is a new, cutting edge technology from laboratories employed to expand, cryopreserve and recover the patient’s own tumor tissue that can be retrieved from surgery, biopsy, or circulating tumor cells.  This is done in order to create a patient-specific biological drug testing program. The collection of human tissues with a variety of diseases is stored by hospitals, universities, non profit organizations and pharmaceutical companies.

For example, in the video below, the surgical tumor tissue was grafted into mice to create a patient specific “biobank” that allowed collaborations with numerous academic scientists globally.

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Clinical Trial Matching

Currently Under Development…

Targeted Research Donations

We can connect the world to raise awareness and fund options to fight cancer.

Numerous Events have already and will continue to happen to bring together the community, educate everyone about cancer and ICARE programs, and raise funds to serve each patient with the I-Team 10-step process –at least to the extent that ICARE and the patient can afford.

Operational Demographics:

(1) The upper echelons of science and society (Wealthy, Universities, Foundations, Industry)

(2) ICARE Community Programs: Local K-12 schools, Clubs (Rotary), Churches, Business communities

(3) Internet-crowdsourcing for finding a) new approaches to your cancer(s), b) Scientific Funding, c) patient recruitment. The use of social media is essential for execution of your I-Team programs: Facebook, ICARE.org website, your virtual I-Team network(s) and ICARE’s International Dome of Collaboration (I-DOC).