What is the International Cancer Alliance for Research and Education (ICARE)?

Welcome to ICARE…

The International Cancer Alliance for Research and Education (ICARE) is a multinational,  501(c)3 non-profit network of global cancer scientists, doctors, and patients. They work in collaboration to identify, evaluate, personalize, and accelerate access to emerging therapeutic options or technologies. ICARE does this by creating personalized exploratory or Investigative Teams (I-Teams) which begin locally with one patient, one doctor and one cancer researcher.  As global participants join the ICARE network, these Investigative Teams (I-Teams) allow individual patients and their local doctors to participate in real-time, personalized academic research projects and these projects are driven solely by patient needs and are not limited by institutional and national boundaries.

Why Choose Us?

Managing a life-threatening or life-disrupting illness is often accompanied by a feeling of being overwhelmed. Compounding the physiological impact of the disease, you brave through myriad tests, doctors’ visits, and critical decisions regarding procedures and medications-often while second-guessing whether you’re making the right choices. To help guide you through the process, we are providing you with an unprecedented level of support through a global consortium of physicians and research scientists conferring with you and your personal doctor every step of the way.

ICARE’s Approach to Cancer Patient Care

In recent years, ICARE’s programs began to shift in focus from just providing therapy information to patients to identifying, initiating and funding cutting-edge research projects to “target for destruction”, the tumors of individual patients. In 2010 some of the ICARE global scientists accepted the challenge of partnering with local individual cancer patients and their doctors to form a type of “Manhattan Project” that would try and find viable solutions in “real-time” for immediate clinical issues facing the doctor and patient. Virtual Global Investigative Teams (I-Teams) were assembled and a new approach to patient care called the 10-Step I-Team Process.

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