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Begin Your Journey: Step 1 Register

Complete a simple online form to register with us and Join the I-Team network. Receive a welcome email with links to the current standard of care information and clinical trials from us about your specific cancer.

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Begin Your Journey: Step 2 Donate

Begin Your Journey: Step 2 Donate

Help ICARE build the I-Team network in your cancer type that harnesses the global intellect (including ideas, therapies, and technologies) and delivers it locally to you and your doctor.

  • Donate Funds to Expand Cancer Options
  • Donate Therapeutic Knowledge to the Network
  • Donate Tumor Tissues Through Your I-Team Network
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Begin Your Journey: Step 3 Participate

Begin Your Journey: Step 3 Participate

Actively participate in your I-Team’s regular online research meetings. Collaborate with physicians and scientists around the world to discover more and better therapeutic options with the ultimate goal of improving each patient’s chances of survival. Link to information to facilitate the inclusion of your living tumor tissue into the I-Team process.

  • Digital and/or In-Person Meetings with Physicians and Scientists
  • Discover Even More Therapeutic Options
  • Identify Targeted Treatments with Your Living Tumor Tissue

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We are sorry about your diagnosis but we are pleased that you have found the International Cancer Alliance for Research and Education (ICARE) — a 501(3)(c) tax exempt public charity since 1985. In 2010, began to focus its programs on building and funding local and international medical academic research teams (I-TEAMS) that can support decisions of individual patients and their doctors — rather than on just providing research information to the general public.

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Dr. Ronald Levy’s Stanford Laboratory recently published the success of a new immunotherapy approach to treatment of advanced cancers. Here is the abstract from the...

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