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We are sorry about your diagnosis but we are pleased that you have found the International Cancer Alliance for Research and Education (ICARE) — a 501(3)(c) tax exempt public charity since 1985. In 2010, began to focus its programs on building and funding local and international medical academic research teams (I-TEAMS) that can support decisions of individual patients and their doctors — rather than on just providing research information to the general public.


In 2010, ICARE research scientists, while attempting to establish research teams to assist individual patients and their doctors, made two of the most amazing discoveries of ICARE’s 25-year history as a research and information charity organization.

A. The first discovery was that a diagnosis of stage 4 cancer presents challenges that are simply overwhelming to any single patient, and in many cases to even their doctor or nearby medical institution.    

B. The second discovery was a new personalized medical research model called the “10-step I-Team Process” that is already demonstrating (on a small scale) that the I-Teams can help these individual patients and their doctors deal more effectively with the overwhelming challenges of stage 4 cancer.  Simply stated, this I-Team Process seeks to provide a global academic collaboration that can deliver local access to the global medical scientists whose creativity and technologies might contribute to the local doctor’s efforts to improve the chances of each individual patient’s survival.


The most important points of emphasis underpinning the recent successes of global I-Team collaboration are:

  1. Triangulation of representatives of three groups who have the highest motivation and tools to improve cancer outcomes, i.e. local patients & doctors and global medical scientists.
  2. Living tissue biobanking to provide you and your doctor, via your living tissues, with access to the creativity and technologies of the best academic minds in the world,
  3. Enabling a motivation among patients (rich and poor) to provide immediate “Freedom”  funding and logistical support for their research partners, i.e. the creative scientists whose ideas, input and technologies have already proven to contribute to patient survival.
  4. I-Team participants must “Hurry” — focusing on the urgent individual needs of patients— in order to find solutions/therapy options in Real-Time for those currently surviving,
  5. Accelerate access to therapeutic and diagnostic technologies (genetic, liquid biopsies, immune responses, systems biology) that can improve therapy and tumor monitoring now.
  6. Confidentiality for all (patients, doctors, scientists) participating in the I-Team global collaboration.   
  7. Recruiting as active I-Team members, the scientists and physicians with a cancer diagnosis in their family.
  8. Recruiting as active I-Teams members, the top 1% of the Wealthy, Business Professionals, and Creative Artists with a cancer diagnosis in their family.


Please join the ICARE Campaign!  Over its history, ICARE has consistently attracted many of the top individuals in science and society to participate in and support its programs.  As you learn more about ICARE, it is hoped that you will wish to join ICARE’s effort to build a global collaboration that will bring international cancer options to local patients and their doctors.  


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Here’s how you can get started.

Step (1) 


Complete a simple online form to register with us and Join the I-Team network.  Receive a welcome email with links to the current standard of care information and clinical trials from us about your specific cancer.

Step (2) 


Help ICARE build the I-Team network in your cancer type that harnesses the global intellect (including ideas, therapies, and technologies) and delivers it locally to you and your doctor.  Click on the I-Team Support Programs above and select your cancer type from the drop-down menu. 

Step (3) 


Actively participate in your I-Team’s regular online research meetings.  Collaborate with physicians and scientists around the world to discover more and better therapeutic options with the ultimate goal of improving each patient’s chances of survival.  Link to information to facilitate the inclusion of your living tumor tissue into the I-Team process.