International Cancer Alliance for Research and Education

ICARE is a multinational, non-profit network of global scientists who hope to support each patient and their doctor by helping to identify, evaluate, personalize, and accelerate access to emerging therapeutic options and technologies. ICARE does this by creating “individual” investigative partnerships which begin with one patient, one doctor and one cancer researcher.  As global participants join the ICARE network, these Investigative Teams (I-Teams) allow individual patients and their local doctors to participate in real-time, personalized academic research projects and these projects are driven solely by patient needs and are not limited by institutional and national boundaries.

A key component of your ICARE I-Team provides treatment options for your cancer so

Let your tissues do the talking.

The ICARE I-Team will link you globally by taking your living tumor tissue which can unlock distinct genetic information about your cancer.  This ICARE I-Team process is a platform for rapid advances in cancer treatment. By investigating your tissue samples, your ICARE I-Team can make discoveries that will ultimately lead to a better understanding and faster advances in the treatment of your kind of cancer. This information will be invaluable to cancer research for years to come which may even change your chances of survival.

You are a part of the personalized I-Team research movement.
You can have a direct impact on your and as a result other I-Team members’ treatment options.

Test before you treat!

By saying yes to joining an I-Team you will partner with leading researchers, medical doctors and patient advocates.  By sharing part of your living tumor tissue you are actively working to provide new and better options to fight your cancer.

Identifying Cancer Cures

Beginning With Yours.

Here’s how you can participate.


Step (1) Register

Complete a simple online form to register with us and Join the I-Team network. It should be noted that I-Teams welcome participants with significant interest in improving cancer options including patients, family members, researchers, doctors, advocates, volunteers, etc.

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Step (2) Let’s Get Started

Receive a welcome email with current standard of care information and clinical trials from us about your specific cancer.  Link to information to facilitate the inclusion of your living tumor tissue into the I-Team process.

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Step (3) Globalize

Build a virtual “community of cure” that harnesses the global intellect (including ideas, therapies and technologies) and delivers it locally to you and your doctor.  Actively participate in your I-Team’s regular online research meetings.  Collaborate with physicians and scientists around the world to discover more and better therapeutic options with the ultimate goal of improving each patient’s chances of survival.

Now is the time to act to help yourself and others because time is of the essence!


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