International Cancer Alliance for Research and Education

We are sorry about your diagnosis but we are glad you found ICARE.  Please consider the following choices:

If you are exploring treatment or diagnostic options, please click on I-Team Support Programs directly above and select your cancer type from the drop-down menu.

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What is the International Cancer Alliance for Research and Education (ICARE)?

ICARE is a multinational, non-profit network of global cancer scientists, doctors, and patients who work in collaboration to identify, evaluate, personalize, and accelerate access to emerging therapeutic options or technologies. ICARE does this by creating personalized exploratory or Investigative Teams (I-Teams) which begin locally with one patient, one doctor and one cancer researcher.  As global participants join the ICARE network, these Investigative Teams (I-Teams) allow individual patients and their local doctors to participate in real-time, personalized academic research projects and these projects are driven solely by patient needs and are not limited by institutional and national boundaries.

The objectives of each Investigative Team are to:

1) Identify ALL potential therapeutic options around the globe that might have the doctor treat this particular patient. To the extent that time and money will allow, every option should at least be considered even if it has not been used for the I-Team cancer type.

2) Evaluate any supportive data and where possible, test each option in informative, credible and pre-clinical biological models.

3) Personalize these options to each patient and doctor team. This is done through biological and genetic testing on fixed, frozen or living tumor specimens. Try to predict and prioritize which options are most likely to work for this particular patient.

4) Accelerate rapid clinical development of, and access to, agents which hold promise for the I-Team patient.

Where do we find options or technologies that may save your life?

The options can be drawn from four categories:

  1. Standard of Care (i.e. FDA approved)
  2. Clinical Trials (i.e. global clinical trial databases)
  3. Cutting-Edge technology and pre-clinical research options that are currently in development
  4. Creation of new agents or technology options through insights gained from the personalized I-Team research collaborations

How does the I-TEAM find all Therapeutic and Diagnostic Options?

By establishing global collaborations amongst local and international patients, doctors and academic research scientists, I-Teams, and following ICARE’s proprietary 10-Step I-Team Process.

Let’s get started

Identifying Cancer Cures

Beginning With Yours.

Here’s how you can participate.


Step (1) Register

Complete a simple online form to register with us and Join the I-Team network.  Receive a welcome email with links to current standard of care information and clinical trials from us about your specific cancer.

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Step (2) Collaborate

Help ICARE build the I-Team network in your cancer type that harnesses the global intellect (including ideas, therapies and technologies) and delivers it locally to you and your doctor.  Click on the I-Team Support Programs above and select your cancer type from the drop down menu. 

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Step (3) Participate

Actively participate in your I-Team’s regular online research meetings.  Collaborate with physicians and scientists around the world to discover more and better therapeutic options with the ultimate goal of improving each patient’s chances of survival.  Link to information to facilitate the inclusion of your living tumor tissue into the I-Team process.  

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