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Goals of ICare's Cancer Information
  • Increase survival rates through better patient/physician awareness of options
  • Increase use of state-of-the-art therapies, including those in clinical trials, that promise fewer harmful side-effects, greater effectiveness
  • Decrease time required to move promising therapies out of the lab and to the patient.

ICare's Targeted Information Programs (TIPs)

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ICARE Clinical Trial Matching Program

ICare is committed to informing each patient, and their doctor, about every available resource, including new therapies recently approved by FDA clinical trials that are in progress and those trials that are about to begin recruiting. 

ICARE currently disseminates clinical trial information through its Think Tanks and symposium, both of which include patients as full participants, along with top doctors and cancer scientists. 

Our Clinical Trial Matching Program under development seeks to build new two-way bridges among all stakeholders (patients, doctors, drug researchers and FDA officials) and will allow all participants to take a more active role in the planning, promoting and evaluating the clinical trial process. 


:: 12 Element Approach ::
Explore and supplement your therapy with ICare's unique 12-Element approach to Patient Survival.

:: Breakthrough News ::
Breaking news on research for gentler, more effective therapies and information on lifesaving treatment options.

:: ICare Bulletin Board ::
View pertinent information regarding meetings and events pertaining to cancer patients. This is also a resource for contacting other patients about information and treatment options.

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